Sound Healing and Energy Balancing with Chinese Medicine


Chinese Medicine is an ancient system of healing that honors the deep connection between human, spirit and earth.  It recognizes Five Elements which together create, connect and balance the Whole. 


About Starseed Therapeutics


Tama-do Tuning Forks and Color-Light Wheel are used synergistically on acupuncture points in this unique fusion of Chinese Medicine and Sound Healing. This vibrational therapy touches on all levels of being, from the embodied physical, the emotional and mental to the subtle spiritual.  Specific techniques are used to help release the imprints of  trauma from the spine, clear and energize the chakra system, and to balance the meridian system, thus bringing the whole person into a state of greater harmony and well-being.  Tama-do Rainbow Color Silks, as well as Tama-do Faery Essences are used to support the sound healing work, and additionally help to balance the energy field.

Some Tama-do techniques I use:

8 Qi Mo technique combines the 8 Extraordinary Vessels of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Sound and Color applied to the Chakra System. This technique lends itself well to working directly with the energy field, clearing what no longer serves from the chakras.

Musical Spine technique, great for back pain and general detox of the energy system. We tend to hold history in our spines and this is a good opportunity to sweep the old energy from the spinal column.

With the Master Shu points technique, we focus on balancing the meridian system, strengthening deficiency and releasing excess. This technique is like acupuncture using tuning forks instead of needles.


Energy Balancing and Amma Massage techniques are used to move stagnated energy and to invigorate areas of deficiency.  Space is held for old energetic imprints and constructs to be released, whether physical, emotional or mental in nature.  This can allow for movement in previously "stuck" energy patterns, helping the individual to move forward on their healing journey. 


Anna Gravina, Certified Massage Therapist, received her training in Chinese Medicine, including Amma Massage and Shiatsu Bodywork, through a 2 year certification program at Elements of Healing in Vermont.  Her training in Sound and Color Vibrational Therapy has been with Fabien Maman’s Tama-Do Academy, California.  Anna continues her study of the energy systems of people and places with Dr. Patrick MacManaway, internationally renowned geomancer and shamanic healer. 



“Anna has a strong connection to her intuition—this is a gift that makes her particularly effective in her work. I have experienced profound results through working with Anna because she seems to be led to do just what is needed to help with what I most need during every session. I have left every session with Anna feeling that what I got was more than just relaxation and an increased sense of well-being. I have felt that Anna was able to help me address things in a way that promotes a deeper and more lasting healing. ”

— - J.E., Charlotte, VT

“I’ve received work from Anna and words can’t describe what she brings to her sessions. At first I didn’t know what to expect, but once she started working specific areas on my body, we were able to uncover where I felt trapped. Her approach was genuine and humble as she began to help me release old patterns. She has a gift.”

— J.V., Essex, VT

“Anna has an intuitive connection to energy fields that she shares in her work. I have experienced this firsthand and benefitted from it both physically and spiritually.”

— S.G., Charlotte, VT


60 minutes: $80 / 75 minutes:  $100

Sessions are individually tailored. We discuss your healing goals and design the session accordingly.


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Starseed Therapeutics is located within Cedarwood Natural Health Center.  Cedarwood is a holistic health care center that offers Applied Kinesiology Chiropractic, Nutrition Response Testing, Therapeutic Massage, and more.

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